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Welcome patients and new friends.


Welcome new friends and former patients to my cyber office!

“Where Traditional and Alternative Medicine Meet for Your Good Health”


Very early in my career I became aware of the serious consequences of some of the drugs I was taught to use.  There were times when veritable “miracles” happened after I took patients off the drugs they had been using for years. My reputation as “The Doctor of Last Resort” came after I saved my Rx pad for last and focused more on the CAUSE and not the symptoms of disease processes.

The Secret of my success was:

  • Diet and Lifestyle adjustment
  • Detoxification and removal of Inflammation
  • Detecting and Supplementing nutritional deficiencies

All done after targeted, individualized,   laboratory testing.

So Stay With Me…

You owe it to yourself and to those you love

I’m retired from the practice and now have more time to research and, more importantly, more time to answer your questions or, just say Hello!

Constance Alfano-Weigand, MD,CCN,ND

 I wish I could see you face to face!

 Dr. Alfano

For the meantime have a seat! There’s an empty chair for you.



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  1. Virginia galizia February 4, 2018 at 12:21 am - Reply

    I am interested in dmso. I have had a spinal fusion with two plates four rods screwe and still have pain. I’m overweight 300 pound at five foot four and recommend double knee replacement for knee pain. I thought you were still in practice and could help me. Do you have some advise for me

    • Dr. Alfano February 4, 2018 at 8:23 pm - Reply

      Before I answer your questions, may I suggest that THE WEB IS NOT YOUR DOCTOR.

      Any information available on any of my sites is for information only. It would be absolute folly for me to make any diagnosis or recommend any therapy especially since I am not an Orthopedic Surgeon. Only your physician has the necessary information to do that.

      Regardless of the emotional impact on the body we still have to make sure that we are not missing something. That requires a complete History and Physical. Family history, previous testing, meds, and all relevant medical facts should be recorded. Blood, urine and possibly stool should be ordered with cultures if necessary.

      Then we need to perform a Physical Exam which starts at your scalp and goes down to your toes ruling out the common conditions specific to age and gender.

      Lastly comes the ‘FU’ which is not what you are thinking. It means Follow-up. It’s at this meeting when I would feel secure and make my recommendations

      targeted to you and only you.

      Unless this whole procedure is done, no one has any basis for recommending anything.

      (DMSO has positive and some negative consideration and should be used only with medical supervision. Although is an excellent export system there are serious consequences for Diabetics as well as other conditions .)
      So please dear friends The Web is not Your Doctor. Take everything you learn on any of my sites, and I hope that you do, and take it to your own physician. He or she is the one that knows you best.

      If your physician is not interested in anything you are learning and how it might apply to your well being, change your doctor.

      I am so sorry you still have pain and I’m sure you are depressed. There is hope however, since you are fully aware that excessive weight does not help your pain and you are ready to change that.

      As you already know most weight loss programs have a short life span. When I was in practice most of my patients lost weight automatically, without dieting, by removing inflammation. This program helped to stop addictions and gave them a list of the foods they could eat and stop dieting. In many cases, conditions they had for years, like migraines, asthma and more were gone. I treated the cause and not the symptoms.

      This program gave me the title “THE DOCTOR OF LAST RESORT”

      Weight loss became a “side effect” of feeling better!

      If you feel ready, and only you can make that decision, stay tuned to my updated web site since it is still under construction,

      Look for “WEIGHT LOSS AS A SIDE EFFECT” for a full description and how to order.

      Constance Alfano-Weigand, MD, CCN, ND
      Traditional and Alternative Medicine for
      Your Good Health.

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