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Welcome patients and new friends.


Welcome new friends and former patients to my cyber office!

“Where Traditional and Alternative Medicine Meet for Your Good Health”


Very early in my career I became aware of the serious consequences of some of the drugs I was taught to use.  There were times when veritable “miracles” happened after I took patients off the drugs they had been using for years. My reputation as “The Doctor of Last Resort” came after I saved my Rx pad for last and focused more on the CAUSE and not the symptoms of disease processes.

The Secret of my success was:

  • Diet and Lifestyle adjustment
  • Detoxification and removal of Inflammation
  • Detecting and Supplementing nutritional deficiencies

All done after targeted, individualized,   laboratory testing.

So Stay With Me…

You owe it to yourself and to those you love

I’m retired from the practice and now have more time to research and, more importantly, more time to answer your questions or, just say Hello!

Constance Alfano-Weigand, MD,CCN,ND

 I wish I could see you face to face!

 Dr. Alfano

For the meantime have a seat! There’s an empty chair for you.



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