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It’s known fact that to be successful online you have to sell information on


"How to Make Money on line", and the secrets no one else told you IS THE HOTTEST THING ON THE WEB. The same philosophy happens with Weight Loss. The marketers know you’re desperate, and they know that almost nothing works! So they keep selling and you keep buying. It’s time to  STOP! The only way to lose weight naturally, without sacrifice, without starving, without buying useless dangerous products, is to:


There is no "one size fits all"

You are the only one on the planet with that biochemistry so don’t even think about products that are made for everyone!

The Right Food Can Be Wrong for YOU!

My program is "secret", because the drug companies don’t make money with it and the clever marketers can’t cash in either. I never kept it a secret. I was thrilled to tell everyone about it. All my patients knew the secret, my nurses knew it, and all the so-called "quacks" in Alternative Medicine, who pioneered today’s common sense in Medicine, knew about it years ago.   As a matter of fact one of my very successful patients asked me to go on the radio with it, which I did.  Shortly after I got a letter from the "Board" (probably the pharmaceutical industry’s missionaries) that what I was doing was considered unethical!


Telling people there’s a better, non-toxic way as a physician is unethical? That’s when I knew I had to make a choice.

I either had to think like a Doctor and live up to our sacred oath, or represent the drug companies.

My Weight Loss program isn’t a weight loss program. It’s a way to remove inflammation caused by certain foods for certain individuals. Obesity, cravings, mood swings, asthma, irritable bowel, some rashes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, ADD, Autism and more can be caused by inflammation When you remove the inflammation weight loss happens as a



It happens automatically, without drugs, without starvation, without counting calories, carbs, fats, raw foods and you know the rest.

  • If you have been one of the victims of this flagrantly irreverent field you know what I’m talking about.
  • If you have been told all your tests are "normal, Honey!"
  • If you have been told, in a nice way, How about seeing a counselor or a "Shrink"!
  • If you have been told there is nothing wrong with you, "LIVE WITH IT"
  • If the weight piles on after all your dieting efforts.
It’s time to find out what is causing your "INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE"
  •  Is it a food that you love and crave?
  • Is it a mold?
  • Is it a dye in the foods you eat?
  • Is it some medication?
  • Is it Gluten, Candida or any environmental substance that could be toxic to your system? 


Enter your name and email   below and watch the weight come off, the cravings go away. Start enjoying that  feeling of wellness and energy that you deserve.

I'll tell you the "secret"!

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 Yes, Dr.Alfano, tell me the "secret"and help me stop wasting money on useless products.