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This is my favorite Testimonial. When he came to see me his chief complaint was a tremor he had in both hands. He was a writer and often took his pad and pen with him to capture his inspiration. When he had his fill of Rxs he came to see me.
This is his letter after he learned the power of delayed food allergies:

Patient to Doctor — Success!©

“Growing older” always seemed to mean counting the years and boring young folks with tales of how I won World War II single handedly. Lately, it has meant trying not to notice each new physical complaint.

“Luckily, my doctor had the standard treatment for each symptom: Vasotec for elevated blood pressure; Motrin for back pain; Valium for shaky hands; more Motrin for knee pain; antacids for bloating; and more Valium just for feeling lousy.

“Years ago, I discovered that my mother and New York State were both wrong. Milk was not good for me. Without milk, my digestion improved, but I was still bouncing from constipation to diarrhea with constant heartburn.

“Every morning I ate a sesame bagel with a coughing spasm that made me guess that I had a wheat sensitivity, but I wouldn’t back away from my favorite breakfast.

“I’m blessed with a sunny disposition, but that smile was wearing thin.

“Now comes the good part. I went to see Dr. Alfano. Having read her columns about food sensitivities, I thought she could help me feel better. Now, three months later, what has happened is unreal. The results of a blood test uncovered a plan that I could follow. At last my body wasn’t fighting my food intake. My life and mood have completely changed.

“My blood pressure is now normal without medication. My back pain is gone, and my hand tremor has subsided. My knees don’t hurt, and my digestion is as good as it was in 1944 when I was in the Army and could eat nails.

“Although this was not a reducing diet, I’ve shed 30 pounds. My waist size has gone from 40 to 36, and I feel great! I can hardly believe it myself, Dr. Alfano, I love you!”.

(By the way, this gentleman is not sensi­tive to the wheat in the bagels. The sesame seeds were the problem!

S. V., was the editor of the local newspaper that published my articles. I love you too S.V.)


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