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Last month I finished one of the finest products Douglas created called


“Get your body back to young metabolism”

This is a 4 week program. Four bottles are in the box, labeled week I, week 2, week 3, and week 4.

Each of the bottles  has packaged supplements for the day so all you need to do is take one in the AM and one in the PM and you’re are done. I guess you can call it


It’s real easy and simple but it’s genius. The supplements are planned to work with your liver in 2 phases. (If Biochemistry thrills you go here )

It is timed so that once detoxified, nutrients are added to boost immunity and excellent health. I lost 6 lbs in the four weeks. Whether it’s fat or excess fluid remains to be seen. But the real benefit is that I got rid of the occasional foggy head, the fatigue, and that sense of dragging. I’d like to say that I feel 18 gain but I don’t remember what that felt like.

Ordinarily,  I’m somewhat hyper. My Uncle Tut called me “Stormy Weather” when I was growing up. He  would whistle the song as I entered the room and that kind of stuck.

Sitting at the computer (our New Age malady) for long periods of time might have had something to do with it. With my regained   energy from  Douglas’  program  I decided to swim daily. I live in Florida so spending an hour luxuriating in the pool with “O Sole Mio” could also have had its effect.

This product has my full endorsement. I wouldn’t recommend anything unless I tried it myself.                                                                                    Click here Metabolic Rejuvenation (A 28-Day Program)

Nevertheless, THE WEB IS NOT YOUR DOCTOR. Trust no one and consult with your own physician.

Give him/her a message from me. Tell him/her to contact me at anytime so he/she can make  METABOLIC REJUVENATION available in their practice.

Incidentally I also used the Metabolic Cleanse because I love to be able to add protein to my berries drink  and home made  ice cream.

Find out more about adding protein to prevent sugar spikes.

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