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 I’m a doctor and I make the same mistake every year. Never missed a lecture never missed a test, a patient or anything. Super neurotic about doing my job, serving my patients and screaming at my nurses if they don’t do the same. (If they are reading this I was blessed with the best and still love them with all my heart pictures of them).

When November rolls around and Thanksgiving approaches I think  about all the great gift ideas for my husband, children, grandchildren and friends.


Then for some crazy reason I let the procrastinator bug bite me! I convince myself that it’s really too early. Fast forward to December 21st and I’m nuts with stress, pick out dumb gifts and have to knock myself out trying to get it all done on time..

(Don’t tell anyone but sometimes if I’ve waited too long and haven’t seen the gift recipient until after Christmas, I find everything on SALE!)

 So this year join me and together let’s get some things done.

Amazon is my kind of shopping.


They mail for you, they wrap, they deliver they even have “daily deals”. What I like the best is how they review products;

For my teen age nieces and nephews I am so far removed from their likes and needs, I need Amazon to give me the scoop on what teenagers are buying. I’m also not a camera buff. I could kick myself for not capturing very important events in my life. Look at how they do this unless you have the time to haul the packages in, wrap them load them in the car here’s you at the height of stress.                                                                                                                                                              

  We are proud Americans and celebrate all religions. Regardless of
 your beliefs who can resist those 
Christmas items.
 I ‘m a New Yorker. Hanukkah and Christmas  were both party days.
Who doesn’t love a party?


Because I love you all I’ve researched healthy items.
Start listing Amazon products


If you want to hard core the health issue I’ve picked the best supplements for you from

Douglas where I buy mine.

You can’t go wrong with Douglas. They have been around for about 50 years when it was “quackery” to believe there are non-toxic nutrients that sometimes can be used instead of an RX with serious side effects.

Notice I did not say “natural”. I said “non-toxic”. Mercury? Arsenic? Both “natural”  right? And they are also DEADLY!

 Be very careful where you buy your supplements. If they make crazy claims watch out.

If they have been sitting on a shelf exposed to heat and light walk away. If they don’t list the contents, and you can’t trace the manufacturer and there are no guarantees, put your wallet away.

Dr. Robert Atkins, Jonathan Wright, MD and so many other forward thinking doctors, including yours truly, were the first to buck Big Pharma and provide you with healthy, non toxic products. We did such a good job that the supplement industry now is as bad as the pharmaceutical industry, if not worse.

Ask yourself , “what does Anti-Aging mean?” Have you ever met anyone that does not age?


That’s what we are going to do today. The very best, the ultimate in nutritional products is waiting for you to make your choices. And don’t forget,  do it now before the holidays are right on top of us.