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The new answer is YES !!!

Thanks To Our Brilliant Scientists, The Human Genome Project Has Led To The Discovery Of
8 Genes Linked To The Following Cancers:


 A simple test for those genes is now available to you – and it is covered by most insurance plans.

If your test – or the test of anyone in your family – detects any of those genes, the risk of getting Cancer increases exponentially. Now you can take the necessary steps…

Your doctor may not know this test is available, so we need your help by letting your Doctor know that this test is now available to him/her to administer it to you.

Kindly fill out the form, download the Brochure and Registration and tell your Doctor you want this screening. 

We will provide your Doctor with the link to the laboratory and send the test kits to your Doctor’s office.

Our goal is to reach everyone. We want this test to be included in the usual Annual Physical with Blood Pressure, EKGs and routine blood tests. We look forward to the strong possibility of eliminating these devastating Cancers in the next several years.

We are all aware of the destructive side effects of chemotherapy and the enormous costs. Prevention is the best cure!

To See If You Qualify For Free Screening…

Fill in this form below. you’ll receive in your email inbox, a brochure and the forms needed to give to your Doctor. Tell your Doctor you want the Cancer Screening. He/she will ask you a few questions. If you qualify, the Doctor’s office will send for the Screening Kit. You make an appointment to come back to your Doctors office for the screening. The Doctor takes your sample and ships it to the lab for analysis. You should have your results shortly thereafter.

Please fill in this Form completely. Thanks. Look in your inbox for the Brochure and Registration after you’re done!


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