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I earned the reputation of “Doctor of Last Resort” after I learned to very early in my career many of the drugs would create miraculous results but it took constant surveillance and monitoring to insure the safety and lack of abuse and misuse of the prescription I was writing.

After too many side effects I learned my time would be better used going back to Biochemistry and physiology to determine the cause of disease and not treat the symptoms

I wish I could see you face to face in my cyber office 

The Italian expression,

“I Tempi Cambiano”, means,
“Times Change”.

With advancing age I have come to learn the true meaning of this expression. If you live long enough, the only sure thing you’ll see is change, When I was a medical intern, giving female hormones for menopause was not only incompetent but downright life threatening.

 Then there was change and every informed physician was” encouraged”, by the pharmaceutical industry, to replace the lost hormones with their products so that women would stay young, avoid heart disease and the ravages of senility.

 The drug companies did well. I was hired by one of them to speak to hundreds of women at a time. Being female, the prospect of approaching menopause myself made me an ideal orator.

 They picked a respected female physician to represent all females.  The male counterpart was not a wise choice.

 Although somewhat hesitant (my mother didn’t take hormones, my grandmother who died at 94 didn’t either.) I went along with the concept. Maybe they were right. Theoretically the hormones should keep us from aging. Don’t we all want o keep that shiny hair, wrinkle-free skin, firm breasts, stately posture, strong libido, and youthful energy?

 When I did my research, I felt the need to study the side effects carefully so I could include the warnings as well as the benefits.

The drug companies called it “Risk vs. Benefits.’

 The risks.

Cancer of the uterus


Cancer of the Breast

 The drug reps reassured me that all you had to do to prevent uterine cancer was to add another Rx.

 As far as breast Cancer was concerned, their policy was to recommend Mammograms every 6 months so if there is a cancer forming you can find it quickly and remove it.

In a way it made sense and would force women to be more vigilant regarding breast exams. This reasoning kept me calm for a while but then

 I got my brain back!

 Are they kidding? They want me to promote an Rx that can cause 2 kinds of Cancer and  who knows what else?

 The hormones were synthetic and made from horse urine. Isn’t it common sense that what’s good for the horse is not good for humans?

 Be kind, my friends. Doctors have such little time. Between family, children, patients, telephone, hospitals and 24/7 schedules.,setting time aside to research every single condition and drug might not be possible. We have to rely on so-called trained reps to help keep us up to date.

 My Dad taught me well. He trained us to question propaganda, the media, even the most trusted newspapers. “Think”, he would say. “Use your brain and figure out who is making money or profiting from this information.”?


 The Women’s Health Initiative Study found that taking estrogen plus progestin for more than five years

places postmenopausal women at risk for heart attacks, strokes, and several other serious problems.

 This was the exact opposite of their claims assuring women they would be healthier with Hormone Replacement therapy!


 My decision was made. I quit the speaking job. The money was good but I just couldn’t make myself do it.

 Next I wrote my weekly article in the local newspaper. I made it clear that I was not prescribing synthetic Hormone Replacement due to the serious side effect panel. I added some quotes and warnings.

 Wouldn’t you think that I would get a thunderous Bravo from the readers? There were plenty of letters stating they would be seeing another physician who

cared about hot flashes!

 In all fairness I think I gained two for everyone I lost.

 Now “I Tempi Cambiano” again.

We are now producing “Bio-Identical Hormones.” Which are derived from plants. and have a better safety panel.

Suzanne Somers and Oprah are having good results.

Talk to your Doctor, get your hormone level tested do your research and see if this is right for you.

 It is important to MAKE SURE  know you are using the highest quality compounding pharmacy and that they follow the most stringent guidelines and have excellent quality assurance.